How should AutoMester attract new customers?

AutoMester hired Morphic to help develop a value proposition that would form the basis of a new communications universe.

Morphic was part of a strategic and close collaboration with AutoMester that consisted of different steps:

  • Scoping and brain picking of existing knowledge
  • 18 ethnographic observations and interviews at home and at the garage
  • Workshops with AutoMester
  • Briefing of 3 advertising agencies on value proposition and underlying insights
  • Selection of advertising agency together with AutoMester

“It has been incredibly good to work with Morphic. Not only did they give us timely and deep insights into our business role for consumers. They also gave us a convincing and unique strategic tool that was directly applicable in the further work of developing the communication universe. Claus and Leif are very dedicated to the assignment and provide well-founded and new perspectives on the issues we work with. I can only recommend working with them.

Tommy Stuckert, Chain Director at AutoMester


How do we become more diverse at Danish Broadcasting Corporation?


Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) wanted insights on whether children and young people of different ethnicity and social backgrounds feel represented by its offerings.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation hired Morphic to give a deep understanding of the kids’ self-perception, their sense of belonging in Danish society and whether they feel marginalized or not. Morphic was also asked to find solutions as to how Danish Broadcasting Corporation could include more diversity in its kids’ programming.

Morphic used ethnography and interviews in ghettos and held a series of work sessions with Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

“Morphic delivers during the whole process. In relation to the project All the Children of Denmark, Morphic involved us into the whole process and also in the final insights. Being able to collaborate rather than "just" placing an order creates a much better result. We have been very excited about both the final output and our mutual collaboration. It's such nice work! Thank you very much. It has become so useful - not just for us, but for many others at Danish Broadcasting Corporation.”

Line Nordbo, Editor at Danish Broadcasting Corporation


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