Our purpose is to realize our clients’ full business potential by capturing and identifying market opportunities for core business & innovation. We quite simply improve your business through a combination of ethnographics, innovation and strategy tools.

We always provide our clients with clear and actionable recommendations that are ready to put into operation.

We take pride in identifying aha moments and to deliver the best ingredients for creating a better business for our clients.

Working with Morphic means working with the best.


Morphic comes from the Greek word 'morph' meaning form. We create (solutions) through forms and shaping. We make it tangible to you what your options are and how your solutions should look to fit in the lives of your customers. The word 'morphic' also indicates that something changes gradually and continuously. We can always become wiser about ourselves and the world by moving and creating solutions that show the way forward



Leif Bonderup

MA. Philosophy and Literature. Aarhus Universitet.
Telefon: +45 26 27 42 41
Email: leif@morphic.dk


Like being in the head of the customer

For more than 15 years, Leif has lifted companies' understanding of their customers in a genuine and convincing way, providing them with a unique basis for creating sustainable relationships and setting the direction for developing new products and services.

Leif is capable of seeing what others overlook. Things which can turn out to be brand new business potentials. He has a particular ability to understand people’s worlds and understand how to make it comprehensible for the clients.

He is constantly aware that people are central to and the lifeblood for good business development. When communicating insights and opportunities, it is always in a broader context, which encompasses both the big perspectives and the very concrete possibilities for action.

Leif is a diligent debater. You can find some of his articles and blogs here:

”I behøver ikke disrupte jer selv”  Read

“Er kunden virkelig i centrum?”. Om Jobs To Be Done som redskab i innovationsprocesser.
Bragt som kronik i Børsen, 14. oktober 2017 Read

“Rødt kort til kreativiteten”. Om sportsmetaforer i business verdenen.
Bragt som kronik i Børsen, 27. maj 2017 Read

“Understanding Children and their Families” in Thomas Bjørner (ed.):
Qualitative Methods for Consumer Understanding, 2015 Buy


Claus Rantzau

Cand. Ling. Merc. International Business Communication. CBS
Master. Experience Management. Roskilde University
Telefon: +45 53 63 56 35
Email: claus@morphic.dk


A Strategic Eyeopener

Over the last 15 years Claus has helped companies and organizations by identifying and realizing their business potential. Claus is engaged in understanding the challenges of the clients, but he also has the guts to challenge the presumptions, that structures the way the clients go to market.

Claus sees the bigger perspectives in things but brings them down to earth with tangible examples and recommendations. He is perpetually curious about combining business strategy, deep insights in human life-worlds, macro trends and what new technology means for the way we live our lives.

Claus values to be inspired and to inspire others. He does this e.g. by giving talks and writing articles. You can read some of them here:

”Du skal fejre erfaringen – ikke fiaskoen” Read

Er algoritmen ved at sætte vores dømmekraft ud af spil?” Bragt som kronik
i Børsen, 29. marts 2018 Read

“Oops I dropped the Lemon Tart”. LinkedIn, September 5 2016 Read

“Do You Know the Customer’s Jobs to be Done?”. LinkedIn, September 17 2015 Read

“Workshops as a tool for transforming qualitative knowledge into action” in Thomas Bjørner (ed.):
Qualitative Methods for Consumer Understanding, 2015 Buy


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Sanne Dalgaard Madsen
Senior consultant within qualitative research
Email: sanne@morphic.dk

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Jeppe Linnet
Danish/Swedish senior consultant within qualitative research.
Founder of Linnet Research

Image Image

Gitte Thulstrup
Expert within quantitative research.
Founder of Thulstrup Research

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Tue Timm
Web and graphic designer
Founder of 7Dwarf

Image Image

Nikolaj Holm
Illustrator and designer.
Founder of Weirdo


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Kris Østergaard
Co-founder and Chief Learning & Innovation Officer at SingularityU Nordic

Image Image

Peter Mægbæk
CEO & Founder Plenti

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Anne Vorre Hansen
Postdoc/Innovation Scientist at Social Science and Business, Roskilde University

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