Morphic is a strategic consultancy that specializes in advising you on how to best create innovations based on your company’s unique characteristics and competencies, as well as how to create optimal synergies between innovations.

We advise on how to create meaningful products, services and experiences, as well as how synergies are established between strategy, innovation and the lives of your customers.

We believe that many companies themselves bear the key to better innovations, but they need help to synthesize the phenomena that affect their business opportunities. Morphic is specialized in providing an understanding of the world in which your company and your customers live. We call it Context Driven Innovation.

Combining both the humanities and business theories we create a strong cocktail that we use to synthesize all the phenomena that are crucial for you to understand when you are developing strategies or embarking on an innovation journey.

Morphic helps in an involving, creative and tangible way.

5 % of Morphic’s profit we donate to autism via ABA-foreningen. See more

Context Driven Innovation provides the best possible prerequisites for relevant ingenuity and meaningful services



In times where everything seems to change fast and where old is something that happened last year, and in times where everything seems to be digitized, including people, we make a virtue of grasping and explaining the world through a combination of the humanities and business theories.

The world is full of examples that prove that innovation arises through contextual experiences and understandings. There are many examples of companies that have achieved success through that approach

Our work is embedded in philosophical understandings because in order to deeply understand people and the world we live in, we need to get a broader and more inclusive perspective to create the best strategies and innovations.

Much of our work depends on humanistic theories, because it provides us with unbelievably much insight about the world in which we live, about people and cultures, and the rapid changes we are in the middle of. It helps us see things in a larger context.

At the same time, we are strongly rooted in innovation and strategy theories. We use the theoretical apparatus to shape and create tangible strategies and actionable recommendations for our clients.

It is no secret that we are very inspired by David Robertson and his book The Power of Little Ideas.


Here are some examples of the people and theories that are embedded in our work:
Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Hubert Dreyfus, Erving Goffman, Hannah Arendt, Clifford Geertz, Roland Barthes, Yuval Harari, Daniel Kahneman, David Robertson, Scott Anthony, Rita McGrath, Mark Johnson, Clayton Christensen, Vijay Kumar


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