Strategic Direction

We provide top-management with a clear and focused perspective on how business can develop positively on the short and long run. Our approach identifies new and relevant revenue sources for your core business, or how you can enter new types of markets with minimal costs.

  • Guidelines on how to establish a system of complementary innovations that strengthen your core business
  • Identifying new strategic opportunities for your business
  • Developing a strategic core promise that enables stronger growth and higher customer loyalty
  • Ethnographic research that tests the strength and experience of your offer before, during and after

Future Scenarios

Every company benefits from gaining insights on how its industry will develop on the short or long run. Without crystal balls, we provide you with coherent overview of what will characterize the development of your industry based on thorough scrutiny of technological developments, global conditions, start-up investments, key trends and ethnographic consumer insights.

  • Identifying the probable outcomes of different future scenarios and what it means for the development of your business
  • Consumer foresights that indicate how your current customers and your future customers will change behavior and preferences, and what they want to achieve
  • Identification of potential disruptors in your industry
  • Identifying the most important start-ups that you need to keep an eye on
  • Identification of potential business partners

Product & Service Development

We bring your product and service ideas closer to the intended customers, while the prototypes are still in the development phase. The goal is to identify whether the products or services in development are capable of making a difference in your customer’s life, and to understand what they really want to achieve with them and whether they are in harmony with your strategic focus.

  • Co-creation workshops where we create the circumstances where you can meaningfully and in partnership with your customers develop truly impactful products and services
  • Ethnographic studies that will fully cover the user situation and contexts important for your next product or service
  • User interviews on product or service experience

Marketing & Sale

Excellent marketing and sales opportunities require a solid knowledge of one's customers. It's not enough to scratch the surface by just using metrics on people. What really makes your products and marketing different for your customers? Who are your customers and what contexts are essential to understand in order for you to optimize sales? We give you the insights needed to reach your customers on what really matters to them.

  • Brand Architecture
  • Mapping Customer Journeys
  • Development of Communication Strategies
  • Customer Segmentation

Innovation Philosophy

We help top-management to create a deep and philosophical foundation for the future strategy. It is not always enough to go with your instincts or with a business as usual approach, in a complex world both at a global and local level. A philosophical platform for developing strategies gives you some unique opportunities to reach customers in more relevant and meaningful ways. Good strategies derive from a deeper understanding of people’s sense of being in the world.

  • Customers' being in the world. Ethnographic and contextual mapping of individual, social, cultural, technological, economic and other relevant factors, which provides deep insights into what customers experience and what they want to achieve, what they want to create for themselves and what brings them value in life
  • Customers' onlife. Investigating how customers live digitally and analogously. Are they caught between two realities or are they two sides of the same matter? What type of realities should your business relate to and how should a digital strategy be shaped to be successful?
  • Roadmaps for digital strategies that make sense and align with customers' perceptual and lived digital reality
  • Mapping of philosophical themes that shape customers' lifestyles and behaviors, which you can use for developing deep and meaningful relations to your customers

Our work is based on a phenomenological approach to people, cultures, technology, language, art and sociality: life-worlds


Life-worlds are key to deep insights and understanding of people and are essential for context driven innovation.

We use a wide range of methods such as observations and interviews with your customers and company representatives, facilitating processes, discourse analysis across media and people, involving experts, collaborative workshops, development of scenarios, monitoring of technological development, deep dive in cultures and subcultures, and internal teaching of how to work with your innovation culture, etc.

Whatever we do, you always get a concrete output that is customized for your business.

We are not happy if you are not happy! We do not want to compromise our promises to you.

High-tech test environment

We have established a unique partnership with Catch – an educational platform and incubator dedicated to exploring the innovation potential drawing on resources from technology and art.

Together with highly skilled specialists and students we can provide our clients with a creative space including a lab where we can incubate new ideas, co-create and develop physical and digital prototypes using tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters etc. Together with partners we can also create virtual reality solutions.

For each project we will handpick only the best people to be part of the project where we develop your next prototype.

The lab area is located at Hal 16 and in the Culture Yard in what was once part of the industrious shipyard in Elsinore. These amazing settings provide the perfect environment for innovative minds with the ambitions to go hands-on with developing prototypes.


Gydevang 39-41
3450 Allerød

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