Are you curious about how your business and industry will develop?

We provide you with a coherent overview of what will characterize the development of your business and industry and what strategic directions and innovations you can pursue to grow your business – one step ahead of your competitors



We help lay the foundation for a strong corporate innovation culture. We introduce and demonstrate tools that give you unique opportunities to reach customers in more relevant and meaningful ways and to develop products and services that are more relevant.



We investigate how customers live digitally and analogously. Are they caught between two realities or are they two sides of the same matter? What type of realities should your business relate to and how should a digital strategy be shaped to be successful?



Excellent marketing and sales opportunities require a solid knowledge of one's customers. What really makes your products and marketing different for your customers? Who are your customers and what contexts are essential to understand in order for you to optimize sales?

We give you the insights needed to reach your customers on what really matters to them.



We bring your product and service ideas closer to the intended customers to get honest readings and trustworthy feedback.

Are the products or services capable of making a difference in your customer’s life? What do customers really want to achieve with them?



We identify the most profitable customers for you to pursue in the market. We give you a strong go to market strategy to follow and we even identify where in the value chain and how you can develop new initiatives to reach new segments.



Our customer journey approach is based on what customers actually want to achieve in the overall process. We keep a sharp eye on the emotional aspects of the journey and we identify where and how to increase value and reduce obstacles.



Family compositions and lifestyles are rapidly changing. The changes can have huge implications on your business and marketing. We help you identify the patterns and behaviors you need to understand to cater to the right people.



Are you curious about how kids respond and react to your product? Do you want to know how much influence they hold in the family? How do you secure that your next product lives up to the standards of kids?

No matter what, we will give you answers that will have positive impact for your business

"We have completed a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop facilitated by Leif and Claus from Morphic.
The workshop has helped us understand how we can handle sales and communication differently. We experienced an inspirational facilitation that helped us see things in new perspectives. It was a very good way to face our challenges and focus on solutions and get a common understanding of how we can grasp new opportunities. After the workshop, we had concrete proposals to address the challenges for our business."

Tina Kiørboe, Head of Media and Sales Insights, TV 2



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