Developing a Service Strategy for PFA Pension


PFA Pension wanted to develop a service strategy for ‘empty nesters’ – i.e. pairs in their mid 50’ies and 60’ies with kids having left home. The strategy should contribute to differentiate PFA Pension in relevant new ways for the target group. PFA needed to identify how PFA could play a valuable role towards the target group at a time in their lives, where there still are many years left before retirement.

Morphic conducted a process of: 

  • Internal scoping with PFA
  • Digital diaries with 15 pairs over 10 days. Focus on how the pairs experience this phase of life when kids have left home – e.g. how the pairs describe their dreams, worries, opportunities, limitations and their general thoughts on retirement
  • Online in-depth interviews with 12 pairs of two hours duration. Focus on generating a deeper understanding of the life worlds of empty nesters and the new opportunities for PFA to generate value for the target group
  • Portraits of different types of empty nesters

“Working with Morphic really gave us a great outcome. Morphic has a profound understanding of business development and at the same time they are proficient senior interviewers. This combination of skills meant that Morphic could identify new, exciting strategic opportunity areas. And at the same time, we got very tangible recommendations on, how we can serve empty nesters and communicate with them in a valuable way. Morphic has significantly raised the bar of our service strategy towards empty nesters”.

Niels Østerdahl, Market Research Manager, PFA Pension


Communication and Business Development of Broadband 


YouSee wanted to be challenged on what role broadband plays in consumers’ daily life. The objective was to get an up to date foundation for product development and marketing. This foundation should contribute to define new strategic opportunity areas. And it should generate a frame for improving coherence between product development and marketing with deep resonance in the lifeworld of the consumers. 

Morphic conducted a process of: 

  • Brainpicking interviews with YouSee’s top management and employees within product development, marketing and communication
  • Mobile ethnography during a whole week (via online platform where consumers could upload photos, videos, audio and text from their lives with broadband)
  • Ethnographic in-home interviews
  • Workshops with YouSee’s top management 

By working with Morphic we have obtained completely new approaches and terms for understanding the broadband market. Cooperating with Morphic has given us unique insights to further develop a communication platform and products for YouSees broadband. It is unusual that I experience such dedicated persons as Morphic’s consultants. They have given us deep, innovative and convincing insights, that address our business situation head-on. I can warmly recommend working with Morphic on business development, communication and insights.” 

Simon Dahi, Head of Brand & Campaign Management, YouSee 


Future scenarios for TEMPUR


“It is fantastic to work with Morphic. Rarely have we experienced working with such passionate and insightful consultants. Morphic are really in touch with the future business challenges and opportunities for our company, and they help us to devise clear and unique concepts, products and ideas for our pipeline.”

Thomas Høegh Reisenhus, Senior Front-End Innovation Manager, Tempur+Sealy Intl. 


How can FTZ develop their Go To Market Strategy by differentiating their offerings? 


FTZ is the Danish market leader of B2B sales and distribution of auto parts. FTZ needed a segmentation to develop a Go To Market Strategy, that was based on their B2B customers behavior and needs. 

Morphic conducted a segmentation study with a combined ethnographic and quantitative methodology based on FTZ’s customers. Morphic also developed a segmentation key to identify which segment specific customers belong to. In the segmentation Morphic applied the original Jobs To Be Done approach to ensure that it was the most important and relevant topics that was addressed in the segmentation. 

Thereafter Morphic cooperated with FTZ in a series of workshops converting the insights to tangible and result-oriented possibilities, setting the direction for FTZ’s new Go To Market Strategy. 

”Morphic has delivered a very good result. Morphic is able to generate insights that are inspiring and solid craftsmanship. Morphic Is also able to raise the bar to a strategic level afterwards. And they are easy and engaged to work together with.” 

Michael Gadegaard, Vice President at FTZ Autodele & Værktøj A/S 


How do we become more diverse at
Danish Broadcasting Corporation?


Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) wanted insights on whether children and young people of different ethnicity and social backgrounds feel represented by its offerings.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation hired Morphic to give a deep understanding of the kids’ self-perception, their sense of belonging in Danish society and whether they feel marginalized or not. Morphic was also asked to find solutions as to how Danish Broadcasting Corporation could include more diversity in its kids’ programming.

Morphic used ethnography and interviews in ghettos and held a series of work sessions with Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

“Morphic delivers during the whole process. In relation to the project All the Children of Denmark, Morphic involved us into the whole process and also in the final insights. Being able to collaborate rather than "just" placing an order creates a much better result. We have been very excited about both the final output and our mutual collaboration. It's such nice work! Thank you very much. It has become so useful - not just for us, but for many others at Danish Broadcasting Corporation.”

Line Nordbo, Editor at Danish Broadcasting Corporation


How can TV 2 handle sales and
communication differently?


We have completed a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop facilitated by Leif and Claus from Morphic. The workshop has helped us understand how we can handle sales and communication differently. We experienced an inspirational facilitation that helped us see things in new perspectives. It was a very good way to face our challenges and focus on solutions and get a common understanding of how we can grasp new opportunities”

Tina Kiørboe, Head of Media and Sales Insights, TV2 

Observatoriet Brorfelde

How can a new virtual observatory create
exciting experiences and learning? 


The Observatory in Brorfelde has received resources from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to develop a virtual observatory, i.e. a digital platform which can generate an interplay with Brorfelde’s physical observatory – with focus on learning and experiences related to astronomy. 

The observatory hired Morphic to facilitate dialogue between citizens, teachers and experts in astronomy to identify which themes and directions the new virtual observatory should address – and which concrete function and features that they would enjoy. 

Morphic conducted a co-creation workshop with a duration of 5 hours, where the participants received challenge cards e.g. about what the starry sky means to us humans, about what triggers curiosity and generates unforgettable experiences, and how the virtual observatory very concretely should be. The participants were divided into subgroups and worked together with the challenge cards with Morphic as facilitators. Hereafter, the subgroups presented their ideas to each other. 

“We had a really exciting co-creation process. At the end of the day we obtained a clear and inspiring overview of different development directions for the virtual observatory, and a solid understanding of the value that the different development directions will be able to generate for the users. We also got very concrete ideas and suggestions of activities, functions and features, that we could develop. Morphic facilitated the workshop in a very professional and engaging way, and their contribution was essential for us to obtain a very useful outcome of the day” 

Anders Kildebæk, Development Consultant, Observatory in Brorfelde 


How should AutoMester
attract new customers?


AutoMester hired Morphic to help develop a value proposition that would form the basis of a new communications universe.

Morphic was part of a strategic and close collaboration with AutoMester that consisted of different steps:

  • Scoping and brain picking of existing knowledge
  • 18 ethnographic observations and interviews at home and at the garage
  • Workshops with AutoMester
  • Briefing of 3 advertising agencies on value proposition and underlying insights
  • Selection of advertising agency together with AutoMester

“It has been incredibly good to work with Morphic. Not only did they give us timely and deep insights into our business role for consumers. They also gave us a convincing and unique strategic tool that was directly applicable in the further work of developing the communication universe. Claus and Leif are very dedicated to the assignment and provide well-founded and new perspectives on the issues we work with. I can only recommend working with them".

Tommy Stuckert, Chain Director at AutoMester


The Condition of Math on B Level in High School


In 2019 The Association of Math Teachers needed an impartial study of how the condition of Math was at B Level in High School in Denmark. There had been critical opinions about Math at B Level, and The Association of Math Teachers therefore needed to know, if this critique was a general opinion among high school teachers – and if this was the case, what should be done about it. 

Morphic conducted 8 mini group interviews within the whole country. In each group 3-4 high school math teachers participated, and each group had a duration of 2 hours. 

The report was presented at a conference for high school math teachers, and the report formed the bases of a workshop. You can download the report here (in Danish): 

 ”We profited to a high degree by working together with Morphic. Morphic has really been skilled at grasping a complex problem and generating clear and deep insights. The written report was very well written, and Morphic presented and discussed the insights at a conference in a way, that was vivid, sober and factual. We even got concrete and constructive suggestions to, what we can do to improve the condition of math on B Level in High School” 

Jeanette Marie Axelsen, Chairperson at The Association of Math Teachers 


Does the start up
have product-market fit?


In the TV program Vejen til Seier the Danish grand investor, Lars Seier Christensen has selected a number of start ups that he considers investing in. During the TV program Lars Seier Christensen tests these start ups in many different ways in order to choose one to invest in. In a couple of episodes of the program, Lars Seier Christensen and his colleague Torben René Larsen ask Morphic for consultancy, and Morphic helps to estimate the start ups’ potential for future investment.

Watch the program (in Danish) on: TV2 PLAY

Morphic participates in episode 4 and 5


How to develop new methods for investigation and
enforcement of the Competition Act


Morphic conducted an in-depth study of CEO’s knowledge and perception of the Danish Competition Act and their general motivation for competition and their way of handling suppliers and competitors. The research was based on confidential interviews with CEOs.

Based on the insights, the Investigation and Cartels Division at Danish Competition and Consumer Authority wanted to evaluate their initiatives and develop new methods for investigation and enforcement of the Competition Act.

Morphic was asked to conduct a workshop for the Division. The workshop was structured around a methodology of becoming aware of current assumptions, challenging these assumptions and getting new ideas by changing the perspective.

“The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority has had a fantastic process with Leif and Claus from Morphic. During a well-structed workshop we got a clear overview and classification of our thoughts and ideas, and we got lots of inspiration for our future work.”

Stefan Kobbernagel, Head of Investigation and Cartels Division,
Danish Competition and Consumer Authority


How can the team of school teachers find a common direction? 


Skolen i Bymidten (large public school in the city of Elsinore) needed to find a common strategic direction for teachers of the lower secondary level. 

Morphic was asked to help a team of teachers find a viable approach and tangible initiatives for the team’s future cooperation. Morphic conducted a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop, where 7 teachers from the team worked creatively with identifying solutions to the challenges they faced 

“It has been an incredible experience for the team of teachers participating in the workshop. The team made immense progress in just one day. Now the team has a clear direction and a plan for future initiatives.  
We strongly recommend using Morphic for developing and challenging teams in order to create essential and tangible initiatives. Morphic has in a warm and relaxed atmosphere helped us identity new ways of cooperating.” 

Kari Jørgensen, Director of Schools in Elsinore municipality 


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