“By working with Morphic we have obtained completely new approaches and terms for understanding the broadband market. Cooperating with Morphic has given us unique insights to further develop a communication platform and products for YouSees broadband. It is unusual that I experience such dedicated persons as Morphic’s consultants. They have given us deep, innovative and convincing insights, that address our business situation head-on. I can warmly recommend working with Morphic on business development, communication and insights.” 

Simon Dahi, Head of Brand & Campaign Management, YouSee 

We are experts in the following fields 



We follow the customer not the product! We often do this by combining digital diaries and physical ethnography – and we observe and dive deep into both consumption situations and purchase contexts. 

Our customer journey approach is based on what customers actually want to achieve in their life with regards to the specific topic.  
We keep a sharp eye on the emotional aspects of the journey and we identify where and how to increase value and reduce obstacles.  
There are four crucial moments of truth that we focus on when we follow the customer: search & evaluate, purchase, consume and advocate. 
We provide powerful insights for each moment of truth that will help you differentiate yourself from competitors.



Our customer journey approach is based on what customers actually want to achieve in their life with regards to the specific topic.

We keep a sharp eye on the emotional aspects of the journey and we identify where and how to increase value and reduce obstacles. We follow the customer not the product!

We assist companies to get the most powerful brand positioning in the market. We combine qualitative consumer insights on relevance, engagement and uniqueness and in-depth understanding of your company’s brand(s) via your brand heritage and interviews with top management and employees. And we look at what archetypical role your company has today in the market (e.g. challenger or market leader) and which role your company can take in a credible way in the future. 

We help companies develop and adjust their strategic brand architecture – i.e. to get the right balance in the brand spectrum between branded house, sub-branding, endorsement, and house of brands. We do this by combining newer brand theory, in-depth interviews with target groups, and group interviews with employees and board of directors. 

We also help companies decide which products to have in their brand portfolio in order to attract and engage the intended target groups. We do this by mapping the current brand portfolio and the innovation pipeline and by comparing them with the current and intended customer target group. 

There are four crucial moments of truth that we focus on when we follow the customer: search & evaluate, purchase, consume and advocate.

We provide powerful ingredients for each moment of truth that will help you differentiate yourself from competitors and make a true difference in the eye of the customer.

Our approach will make it possible for you to understand exactly where and how you can really make a difference.



Segmentation must be based on a tailored approach of what customers actually want to achieve in a given market – instead of a more general approach towards opinions, life styles and habits. Our segmentation is outcome oriented – and we apply the original ‘Jobs To Be Done’ approach to understand market dynamics, potentials and customers in a deep, concrete and relevant way. 

Management consultants and innovation consultants often refer to Clayton Christensen’s milkshake example when talking about Jobs To Be Done. The milkshake example is a good narrative, but it does not give a good guidance of how to be more outcome driven in your innovation approach.   

At Morphic, we have developed our own approach based on the original Jobs To Be Done theory and practice. We combine ethnography, outcome-oriented interview techniques and quantitative measures in order to determine the most important differences between customers in your market. This is also the best way to identify opportunities for companies to innovate based on gaps between satisfaction and importance of specific Jobs To Be Done. 



We are known for our future back processes which will give you an understanding of how your business and industry will develop over the next 3 to 10 years.  

Our approach, which is a combination of expert interviews, trend research, employee interviews, consumer profiling and workshops will provide you with a new understanding of how you can develop more relevant and powerful strategies that are in line with consumer needs and the zeitgeist of the near future. 

What you will get from us is a detailed description of different arenas and how they will impact your business. Through different workshops we will co-develop the right answers to the opportunities and challenges your business face. 
We will provide you with a coherent overview of what will characterize the development of your business and industry and what strategic directions and innovations you can pursue to grow your business. 



Major global companies choose us due to our many years of expertise in interviewing and understanding kids, tweens, teens and their parents. 

We are strong in the toy, gaming, content entertainment and advertising industry but have an equal amount of experience with working with NGOs on many of the social and mental problems that today’s youth struggle with. 

No matter what type of research we are engaging in, we always approach it on kids friendly terms and with a great sense of empathy and understanding of the child.     

We have conducted research projects in Europe, the Americas and Asia and identified insights that have helped our clients with innovating and growing their business, and we have helped clients understand how to help kids who struggle with loneliness, anxiety and school motivation



Excellent marketing and communication strategies require a solid knowledge of one's customers.  

We have many years of experience in driving marketing and communication insights that have helped our clients understand what really made their products stand out to consumers, which messages to convey and channels to prioritize in convincing ways. 

Within a broad range of different industries such as automotive, financial, broadband and pension, we have generated insights and facilitated workshops on developing communication strategies that have helped our clients grow their business.

Our approach to generating strong insights in this field is to dive deep into the emotional nature of the target group and to fully understand moments of truth and what consumers want to achieve from engaging with a brand, a product or a service.  



We work closely together with design teams and understand what questions need to be answered during the different phases in the design process – i.e. during pretotyping and prototyping.  

Of course, we sometimes have a design thinking approach and often the classical ‘double diamond’ makes a lot of sense in the design process. But we are also aware that the ‘double diamond’ can be a too rigid approach and become very schematic. Innovation is never easy to predict and you need to be sensitive towards new input and able to improvise throughout the whole process. And the ‘double diamond’ does not invite for a more foundational approach to understand the phenomenology of a human practice that can give your company a competitive edge. 

Naturally, we also work on more classical approaches to conceptualization such as focus groups testing and co-creation with end-users. 



In a world of increasing complexity being agile both as leaders and companies means the difference between success and failure.  
But agility and innovation are much more than sprints – it’s a mindset. 

We can help lay the foundation for a strong innovation culture by challenging and developing your mental models and teach to think in new boxes.  
We introduce and demonstrate tools that give you unique opportunities to reach customers in more relevant and meaningful ways. 



The way people engage in digital activities as part of their everyday life is increasing to a very high degree. Of course, COVID-19 has even accelerated this e.g. with regards to working at home, online shopping and distant learning. 

We live an onlife in the sense, that digital life is so integrated in our life world, that it no longer really makes sense to have a sharp distinction between analogues and online life. IRL is also digital life.  

This transformation has taken place over the last decades – and has been most significant among Millennials and Generation Z; but now we begin to see the blurring of the distinction also among Generation X, Boomers and ‘beyond’.  

In business and product development, this calls for smooth and intuitive solutions – more focused on contexts, moods, omni-consistency and synergies. 
Our approach is phenomenological in our ethnographies – exploring how technology is part of people’s way of life and way of generating meaning in life. And our approach is also inspired by how theorists such as Shoshana Zuboff, Douglas Rushkoff, Tristan Harris, Max Tegmark and Luciano Floridi identify challenges, gaps and new opportunities for humans to live a meaningful life in a world of devices, algorithms and artificial intelligence. 


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